As a homeowner, you always look to improve the looks of the house. For ages, installing a beautiful handmade carpet significantly uplifts the complete look of the house. A quality carpet provides comfort and also improves the appearance of particular rooms.

Today, there are numerous extravagant floor options that do not require putting up a carpet. However, the trend of installing oriental carpets is returning. You can put up carpets in some of the rooms, if not the entire house.

The one added chore that comes by setting up carpet is its regular cleaning and upkeep. If you have pets in the house, then cleaning the carpets is all the more difficult. People love to keep pets, and you find a pet cat or dog in nearly every house. The problem arises due to the fur of the cats or dogs and if the pet urinates on the carpet.

There are chemical cleaning products that allow you to clean the dirty spots, but they can be hectic. If you have a busy daily routine, then going around vacuuming and cleaning the house will be quite a hassle. The best solution is to employ the services of a professional company that offers reliable cleaning services.

The Reasons why Only Experts can clean Pet Stains

Having a pet brings you and your family lots of joy and happiness, but you have to care for their needs as well. You can train a dog to sit on cue, and a cat to high-five, but ordering pets do not work. It may also be easy to train your pet to use the litterbox, but sometimes a pet may be sick, which can lead to pee and vomit on floors and carpets.

A professional cleaning team knows about the best pet stain remover carpet cleaner that effectively removes the stain without damaging the carpet. A full deep clean will help remove any urine, vomit, or poop left by a pet dog or cat in the house.


Pet littering the house is a common occurrence, particularly if you have small puppies that are hard to control. Many times even a well-trained dog may pee on the carpet for no reason. On the other hand, cats are more conscious of their cleanliness and do not usually urinate on carpets, but it is better to take caution.


Sometimes a pet may pee in a hidden spot on the carpet which may not be discovered first but after some time. The biggest advantage of hiring carpet cleaning companies is their ability to clean the carpets effectively and make them brand new.


Mostly eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic cleaning solutions are used to remove a variety of pet stains and odors. Apart from the appearance, pets’ urine and feces carry dangerous bacteria that can cause infections and allergies. The germs also affect the quality of the carpet. A cleaning team will use UV (ultraviolet) light to detect potential spaces on the carpet or floor and even furniture where pet stains are present.


The reasons to employ the best commercial carpet cleaning service are


  • Removal of entire stain along with bad odor
  • Use of approved and high-quality cleaning solutions that safe for the family and pets
  • The germs and bacteria are eliminated, effectively reducing any health risks
  • Ensure that the carpets and hygienic
  • Improve the air quality as the stains and bad odor can easily make the air unpleasant
  • Dirt, dust, debris, and pet urine can easily fade away the look of the carpet, which can only be restored with the help of an experienced cleaning service


You may buy a fancy cleaning solution from the local store and wash the stain. But after few days, you may see the stain reappearing. This is another reason why you need to call an expert cleaning team.


Bottom Line


Clean Crew is the best cleaning company in town. We offer a variety of cleaning services and take pride in making the carpets spick and span. Our team can quickly come to your house and remove pet urine and bad odors from your house. Buying and installing a carpet is like an investment, and we make sure you keep that asset in good condition. Give us a call, and we can manage all the cleaning needs of your house.

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