Rug Cleaning

Homeowners are always looking to improve the interior looks of the house. Fortunately, we live in a modern time with myriad options to add beauty and comfort to the house. Most homeowners usually look to place high-quality furniture with matching curtains and cushions.

The floors are not on top of the list, but premium-grade carpets and rugs add a subtle touch to the house’s looks. One trend that has become quite popular in recent years is putting a beautiful fine rug in the living area, made from exotic material and quite valuable. The fine rugs come in amazing patterns and colors, which makes them so desirable.

The Beauty of Fine Rug and Why You Need to Clean It

A handmade oriental rug is superior in quality to any machine-made rug. The fine rugs are fabulous and very attractive, which is why most people inquire from where one has purchased them from. A fine rug consists of alluring patterns and colors, which is why everyone in the house loves it. Mostly the rugs have geometric shapes and floral designs. The Persian and Turkish oriental rugs are quite popular.

Due to varying designs, you can put these rugs in nearly every room of the house, but the living area and lounge area is the best place to showcase these decorative and spectacular rugs.

However, just like carpets, a fine rug also requires constant care and maintenance. The fine rugs are made from wool and silk, making them easy to clean, but still, you may not know the right way to clean them.

The best way is to contact a fine area rug cleaning professional who has the right tools to clean the oriental rugs. An expert rug cleaner has the necessary cleaning machines and detergents to not only clean the fine rug but remove even the most difficult stain.

The natural fibers of the fine rug resist even the most robust cleaning detergents and bring rich colors that may be hidden under the layer of dust. Many people even say that they find fine rugs more beautiful after it gets the first wash.

The fine rugs are prices of art and quite expensive, so you need to be careful and take special care. If you have fine rugs that are dirty, dusty, or spotted, you need expert services of fine area cleaning Bay Area. The oriental rugs require special attention and care when been clean, and only a professional can do it. An ordinary rug can even be cleaned in your home, but fine rugs are different as they have a woven back.

A fine rug in your house can accumulate dirt, dust, dander, debris, and allergens. If you have a pet cat or dog, their hair can also stick inside the rug. A state-of-the-art machine wash removes a significant amount of dirt and bad odor from the fine rug. The cleaning steps involves

  • Removing the dust
  • Washing the rug and applying detergent
  • Rinsing the rug
  • Drying the rug to remove the moisture and traces of water
  • Hanging the rug in climate control surrounding to dry the fine rug completely

A detailed inspection is done to ensure that the fine rug is adequately cleaned and there are no dirty or dusty spots in the rug.

Final Words

A fine rug is fascinating due to its design, color, and versatility, and the best way to ensure its characteristics is to perform timely fine rug cleaning. A dirty and dusty rug not only reflects an untidy look of the house but can cause allergies and infections. You need professional fine rug cleaning to bring the rug to its original condition and avoid damage as the rug is of fine quality.

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