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Not cleaning the dryer vent leads to causing fires. It is essential to get your dryer vent cleaned every year by trained professional services like Clean Crew to ensure clean and operational dryer vents.

At Clean Crew, our mission is to provide our customers with industry-leading cleaning services and solutions. Our professional dryer vent cleaning service can have a major impact on the safety and healthfulness of your home.

Why Is It Necessary to Clean Dryer Vent?

Cleaning your dryer vents regularly is an integral part of ensuring cleanliness and safe for your entire family. Some warning signs that showcase dryer vent may be blocked or obstructed are:

  • Excess lint behind the dryer
  • Unusually hot dryer and clothing
  • Clothes taking longer to dry
  • No lint on the lint screen
  • Lint around the door seal
  • Excess lint or pet hair on clothing
  • Moldy smell

Getting a professional dryer vent cleaning service ensures the benefits of safety, energy-saving and extends the life of your dryer. The risks with ignoring the warning signs and not getting properly cleaning dryer vents may lead to:



The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) warns that malfunctioning or poorly maintained clothes dryers are among the leading causes of home fires.


Gas dryers where the vents are not properly maintained, blocked, or obstructed can cause carbon monoxide to build up in the home.


Since blocked or obstructed dryer vents cannot effectively remove moisture, it releases into the home and results in mold growth.  At Clean Crew, we have expert and well-trained technicians to clean your dryer vent. Do not risk your life with the poorly maintained dryer vent.


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