Every house needs deep cleaning from time to time, even if they tidy throughout the year. Some people like to hire professionals for deep cleaning services, and others try to do it independently. However, deep cleaning is an exhausting task and makes you overwhelmed.

The professional companies break the cleaning process into smaller and manageable tasks, which help them work efficiently without wasting much time. Following are some basic supplies that the deep cleaning maid service Bay Area uses to make your home look fresh.

Supplies Used by Professionals for Deep Home Cleaning

A wide variety of tools and cleaners come in handy while deep cleaning the house. Following are some cleaning supplies that professional cleaning companies add to their cleaning tools list.

  1. Baking Soda
  2. Clean paint brushes to dust the delicate items
  3. Powdered or liquid dish soap
  4. White vinegar in distilled form
  5. Cleaning gloves
  6. Lint roller to clean lampshades and Upholstery
  7. Glass-only and multipurpose microfiber clothes
  8. Microfiber mops along with covers to clean different types of floors
  9. Magic eraser sponge
  10. Wood conditioner or cleaner
  11. Telescoping duster
  12. Window and glass cleaner
  13. Non-scratch scrub pad
  14. Toothbrush-sized brush
Essential Tasks professionals Perform While Deep Cleaning Your Entire Home

The following are some tasks that the best affordable maid services Bay Area include while cleaning their clients’ homes.

·         Dusting and Vacuuming Hard-to-reach Areas

While deep cleaning, the most crucial thing is dusting and vacuuming every place of your house. The areas like hard-to-reach ledges, above cabinets, windows, and light fixtures are necessary to clean during the home deep cleaning process. It means that the professional cleaners clean the places you usually ignore while regularly cleaning your house.

·         Cleaning Vent Covers

Cleaning the air ducts and vent covers occasionally is necessary as the dirty ducts become a reason for dust allergies. Moreover, these dirty air ducts become a home to mold, pet dander, and other allergens that can harm your health.

Therefore, cleaning the air ducts, changing the filters, and cleaning vent covers is necessary. Thus, the professionals suggest changing the air filters every 90 days and cleaning the air ducts annually.

·         Deep Cleaning Windows

During a regular cleaning, the people usually do not clean the windows daily, so they become dirty and require deep cleaning after some time. The professional cleaners vacuum window sills and window tracks while deep cleaning the house. They usually use vinegar to clean the windows, but there are many other solutions that you can use to clean the windows efficiently.

·         Cleaning the Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are hard to reach. Therefore, we usually avoid cleaning them daily. Therefore, wiping the ceiling fan blades is an essential task in deep cleaning.

·         Vacuuming the carpets and Upholstery

We vacuum the carpets during regular cleaning, but the professionals use steam carpet cleaners that kill the bacteria and restrain mold growth.

Bottom Line

A cleaning company professionally cleans your house without making chaos as they follow a checklist and perform one task at a time. Moreover, they treat every room separately and ensure that all the linen is neat, surfaces are dust, the carpets are vacuumed, the doors are clean, and the floors are shiny. Moreover, they clean the drapes and sanitize the garbage can as well.

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